Why Yoga is Bae / My Journey / How to Start Your Own Practice

I’m not going to lie, I am making this post as sort of an inspiration to help me wake up my yogi soul from her cozy slumber and get her ass on the mat…

But anyway… Hello Lovely Souls!!

This is a topic that I love and have been dying to share with you; one near and dear to my heart, which is Yoga.

It is has actually been a long-term dream / goal to become a yogini (female master of the yoga arts). Yoga is one of those things that helps me to not only move my body (to where other exercises are horribly boring to me), but it helps me to connect and refresh me spiritually with God even, which is why I adore it.

My journey through Yoga has been an interesting and a bit of a dull one. Honestly, I wish I could say that I have a really profound story of how I found Yoga or how it “changed my life,” but I don’t, so I am sorry in advance to disappoint you.

But nevertheless, I guess I will say that I found Yoga when I was in high school; I had always heard of it and had been interested in it, but I wasn’t until I graduated high school that I came across this TV channel called Veria (I think it’s just called V now) that was a holistic, vegan, yoga channel that featured such, that I really crystallized my interest in Yoga (and the other stuff too). I began to watch Yoga with Kurt Johnsen and was a woman obsessed, I mean I would DVR that stuff and go HAM; but of course I wanted more that I researched all there was to know about yoga, essential oils, holistic living, Chakras, Ayurveda, you name it…

Fast forward to a few years later where I moved to Colorado and practiced yoga here or there, but never really got back into it as much as I had previously and then by the time I moved out onto my own, I kinda quit altogether. I maybe practiced once in a blue moon, but never regularly. Sadly, this is has been kind of the case for the last few years. However, quite recently, I have been feeling my inner yogini soul awaken and have been itching to get back on the mat.

With my yoga revamp, I have found a variation of Yoga that I never expected to find which is Holy Yoga; this is the same thing as Yoga, but Christian style. This is where you can practice and have the benefits of Yoga, but also worship God as well. I love that this is a way to connect with God on spiritual level and it helps me to grow closer with Him. So, as of lately, that has been my goal.

Therefore, in an effort to help remind myself and if you are an old yogi or new to Yoga and need a refresher or inspiration to start Yoga, I thought I share with you my thoughts of why Yoga is bae:



5 Reasons Why Yoga is Bae


1. Yoga Helps with Spiritual Growth

Like I mentioned above, Yoga is one that can help to connect with yourself or with God; I am not exactly sure how it does this, but the movement with the breath (and if you’re like me and you accompany your practice with a nice and calm meditation also) helps you to focus and to feel how you are feeling in the moment, thus helping you to understand the inner you. More so, if you do Holy Yoga, worshiping God while practicing and meditating with the Word is outta this world.

2. Yoga Beats Regular Exercise

Face it, in the exercising world, one of the easiest is definitely Yoga; there is no running, no weights, no burpees… Now, this is coming from someone is not a expertise nor a well-skilled practice-r (in the sense that I have never done a headstand or have done any of the real intricate poses), so I guess, yeah, of course it is easy for me, but even so, I would like to defend myself in saying that at least it gets me moving. And too, with Yoga, anyone can do it and you don’t have to be flexible, have awesome yoga gear, an expensive yoga mat, or even know how to do half of the poses to practice.

3. Yoga is Essentially Free / Cheap

The majority of Yoga flows that I practice are from YouTube. If you have a phone / computer and internet, you can do Yoga anywhere, anytime…for free! And too, my mat was only $10.00…at the grocery store…. Although, I mean if you love Yoga as much as I do and want to get resources like a DVD, props, or go to the studio and pay for a session that’s cool too, but you don’t need a lot to get going with Yoga. Shout-Out to some of my fav YogaTubers : Yoga with Adrienne, The Yoga Solution with Tara Stiles, and DoYouYoga.com.

4. Yoga Helps with Anxiety / Depression

I don’t know what kind of magic it is with Yoga, but upon a completion of a flow, even if it’s for only 10 minutes, I feel less stressed and my anxiety left at bay. It must be all of the breath work associated with Yoga, but I love the happiness and calm that comes with Yoga and I need more of it.

5. Yoga is Fun

Maybe I might be alone in this one, but I find Yoga to be a blast! There is no right or wrong way to do it, no set or specific way of doing a flow, you can do anything and mix it up. You don’t have to get all fancy and put on candles or weird sounding spa music. It is just as fun to throw on some 2Pac and jam out to a flow because Yoga is awesome like that.

Bonus: If you are new to yoga or have not been on your mat for a while (like moi), then here are my tips to getting you started or re-started on a practice :

10 Ideas to Revamp Your Practice:

1. Make a Yoga Plan

2. Make a Yoga Playlist

3. Find a New Yoga Flow

4. Create a Yoga Space

5. Find a Yoga Buddy

6. Try out a Yoga Studio

7. Start with 1 Pose (and build from there)

8. Find Yogic Inspiration (Quotes, Instagram, Pintrest, or YouTube)

9. Try out a New Mat (or props) 

10. Just Start (don’t overthink it and just get on the mat) 


Yeah, Yoga is bomb to say the least. Thank you for joining me in my attempt of helping myself find new found inspo to get my yoga bum into gear. And I hope these tips helped you too!  I guess I should stop procrastinating and get on my mat, see you guys later….

Until Next Time…



Come Check out My Current Yoga Playlist (s):

 1. The first Yoga Playlist is a non-traditional playlist, more jams than anything to help spice up your practice and yes, I even included 2Pac ❤ 

2. The second Yoga Playlist is more of Yoga Vibes, music to help you get into that vibey grove of focus and mind, body, and spirit connection, enjoy! 



Photo Cred: girlslife.com



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