25 Ideas to Reset a Bad Day

You know what I hate?

Really bad days (I mean, who doesn’t), like everything is just going completely wrong, and you try to make it better and still just nothing is going smooth. Yeah, those. There really is nothing wore than having a bad day or starting off on the wrong foot; as I am writing to you, I am having one today.

Like, I don’t know what happened, but I woke up and right off the bat, my day went a little something like this:

1. Missed my alarm and overslept (which I cannot stand)
2. Was late to work (also, cannot stand)
3. Have been having non-stop computer issues
4. Have been having really rude customers today
5. Spilled my coffee…all. over. me…. (don’t you just hate that?! I mean…arruugh!!)
6. Overall am just in a bad mood
7. Am tired and ready to crawl back into bed…

However, whenever I have a bad day, I try, try, try to make it better or try my best to hit the reset button. Because, at the end of the day, it’s just a bad day, not a bad life and it’ll end and tomorrow is another day and all of those annoying cliches. And honestly, life is too short to worry about the little things.

Therefore, in an effort to thwart my bad day and for anyone out there who is in the same misery I am and is needing relief, I have complied a list of ideas to share with you to kick your bad day in ass and to make your day a little bit better….


25 Ideas to Help Combat a Bad Day

1. Take a Deep Breath — Sometimes when I’m having a really bad day, I just like to take a step back and just take a deep breath and do deep breathing exercises; it helps me to instantly calm down.

2. Do Something Silly — Like the feature picture, sometimes doing something silly like sporting bunny (or fox) ears just to have a laugh, is what is turns your bad day around.

3. Listen to a Bad Day Playlist— Okay, for real, this is one of the first things that I do to help a bad day, I just throw on some heavy and loud or positive and happy music and jam it out; it helps me to get the frustration out. Check out my Bad Day Playlist below :

4. Stretch or Do Some Yoga — (sigh) ahhh, yoga, oh so calming, seriously, when I’m having a really crap day, I get on my mat and just lose myself, my day, and everything else in some stretches.

5. Try a Calm Meditation — Meditation is the universal zen love language; it is certainly one of those things that once I’ve had a meditation session, I feel instantly happier and my mind cleared.

6. Go for a Drive — I grew up going on road trips, I feel there is nothing better than just giving into your wanderlust and just going on a drive. A lot of times, when I am upset, need to do some serious thinking, and especially when I’m having a bad day; it’s all need just to get in the car, throw on some of my fav jams and just drive.

7. Do a Fun Craft — Anyone else love to craft? Sometimes, it just helps to drown my sorrows of my bad day in paint, glitter, and glue by doing a fun craft and making something.

8. Watch a Movie — Especially a happy, funny movie; like the other day, I was in a need of a laugh, so I watched Monster In Law (I know, don’t judge me…) and it was just what I needed! I am a bit of a weirdo and love to watch scary movies also when I am in a bad mood / having a bad day because being scared provides that distraction.

9. Find an Inspirational Quote / Video — I live for inspirational quotes, videos, images, sometimes that all I need to help me get through the day or a situation. It gives me that push of “okay, you can do this!”

10. Do some Reflection — This can be quite subjective; personally for me, a lot times the reason I am having a bad day is because of something internally; i.e. I am hungry, I am angry about something, I am stressed out about something, etc. And a lot of times, that those reasons are what could be causing me to me to have a bad day. That may not be your case; you may just be having a bad day because we all do, but I can tell you that being stressed AND having a bad day is a 100X worse than just having a bad day; therefore identifying what is stressing you out or bothering you will help to get through the day a little better.

11. Prayer / Spiritual Reading — Sometimes, scripture is what can help any situation, especially a bad day; in this case, I try to go to the Word and read some verses and see what God says about it. And even so, I will go to God with my frustration and just pray to Him and that always always seems to help me get through.

12. Read — If anything, reading is one of the best distractions that is actually good for you. I love to read and I notice that when I am having a bad day and then get lost in a good book; it instantly makes my day a whole lot better!

13. Identify something that You Love or that Makes You Happy — I am a bit of a weirdo and love to keep a list handy of the things I love or love to do just in case I am having a bad day or am stressed out or upset; I strongly suggest this idea; find something that you love (ice cream, coffee, etc.) or do something that you love to do (i.e. reading, listening to music, etc.); it may just make your day better.


14. Talk to a Friend / Family Member — I hate to say so, but I love to vent, especially when I am stressed out or having a bad day, usually I go to my mom or to a friend and just get it out; it helps to verbalize my bad day a lot easier to tackle.

15. Take a Walk — Walks are magical. Like, there really is nothing better than just getting outside, getting some fresh air and clearing my head by walking around the park track by my house. Of course, I know that with summer, it’s like 90 million degrees out and personally, the last thing I want to do is to go outside (sweating is not fun…), so this may not be an option…

16. Journal / Write It Down — Similar to venting to a friend; there are times when I need to vent to paper instead; thus I get my journal and just write and write and write until I can’t no more. I strongly suggest this, even if it’s just a piece of paper and not necessarily a “journal.” Getting out your thoughts and frustrations about your bad day helps to release it and to therefore better tackle it.

17. Treat Yo’ Self — I am not proud of this, but my usual “bad day” ritual has quite lately been consisting of me getting food of some sort; like I am seriously considering going to Ihop and drowning my sorrows in French Toast after work today… Anyway, sometimes, if you’re having a bad day and you just want to go and treat yo’ self and go out to dinner, go shopping, or even just to grab a drink; no shame in your game…


18. Retreat — Unconventional idea, I know, but sometimes when I’m having a bad day, I just want to be alone and ride it out, this may help you too, to be on your own to some silence and to just clear your head. I understand that this may not be an option if you are at work or at school, but even just taking a breather and going outside or even in the bathroom; something to give you some space.

19. Take it One Step at a Time — Having a bad day is worse enough, pushing and stressing yourself is even more excruciating; take a step back and go one step at a time to help lessen the burden. Do one task at a time, one to do list item at a time.

21. Clean / Organize — Okay, okay, I know, this one is really weird and I know I may be alone on this, but when I am having a bad day, I like to get through it by cleaning up a space or do some organizing; for this relaxes me and makes my day a little better. I feel somewhat accomplished and therefore don’t feel the whole has been totally horrible. Try it out and you may be surprised.

22. Try Some Essential Oils — I swear by lavender; I mean that stuff is magic; I have a lavender roller-ball, lavender room spray, and diffuse-style lavender; it helps with providing that calm; seriously grab some lavender and apply it to your temples when you feel that stress of your bad and I promise it will lessen the load…

23. Pet an Animal (Or Look Up Animal Videos on YouTube) — How can you have a bad day when you’re petting a cute, cuddly kitten or puppy? You can’t. The answer is you can’t, it’s impossible. So, spend time with your pet for a half an hour or so; guaranteed, you will feel instantly better. If you don’t have a pet, then go onto YouTube and look up cute cat videos; your bad day will practically vanish.

24. Disconnect — When I’m having a bad day, sometimes social media can be a bit overwhelming at times, I end up feeling more stressed out than I already was; therefore, when I am having a day, I try to unplug and unwind; You don’t have to go ghost on your socials, but leaving your phone at bay for a few hours could help with relaxing you.

25. Let Yourself Have a Bad Day — Many, many times, I will have a bad day and I will try a variety of different things to make it better and it. just. keeps. on. going. Like, today, I went on my break to go do tip #13 and grab some coffee, I was like “yeah, my day is going to be better now, everything is fine now, I have coffee” and then I spilled it down my shirt… Sometimes, it’s just better to just accept the bad day and just roll with the punches and say “okay, I’m having a crappy day and it’s just a bad day and tomorrow is a new one…”

Well, in hopes to end this bad day and hopefully find some peace; I am off to throw on some jams, take a long drive and find some french toast. I hope that these tips and tricks helped you as much as they helped me and here’s to hoping your bad day is short and you have a positive tomorrow!

Until Next Time…



I would love to hear from you! Are these tips helping you? What are some of your ideas to get through a bad day? Let me know in the reply below!

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