Springfield (Coffee Edition) Bucket List: Classic Rock Coffee Co.

How do you combine your love of music and coffee? Go to Classic Rock Coffee Co. of course!

Hello Lovely Souls!
Welcome to another rendition of Springfield Bucket List; going Coffee Edition this time to show love to my second favorite coffee shop :


Classic Rock Coffee Co.



I have my sister to thank for finding this place; she told me about it one time and for trying it myself, I must say I am so glad I did.

I gotta say first of all that I love, love the atmosphere of this coffee shop, it highlights many different dark tones to match the overall “rocker” vibe to the place; if you have ever been to Hard Rock Cafe, you know that it has that classic rock vibe, showcasing rock legends like Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, just to name a few. Well, think of that, but as a companion that would be a coffee shop and you have Classic Rock Coffee. This place is so cool and being a classic rock and coffee lover myself, this place completely fits my soul.

And too, they really do have great coffee that offers a variety of different flavors and combinations; as well as food. The coolest thing about their Flavored or “Signature” Drinks is that they named them after some classic rock songs that you might have heard; for example there is a caramel flavored aptly named “Crazy on You” (based off the Heart song) or “Sweet Emotion” (from Aerosmith) with chocolate and caramel. Personally my two top faves are “Cinnamon Girl” (from Neil Young), which is cinnamon and honey and “Raspberry Beret” (from Prince) which is white chocolate and raspberry.


They don’t just have really great coffee, but they have good food too. I have yet to try any of their food since I mostly go for the coffee, but a friend of mine told me that they have avocado toast that I didn’t realize before and I am not calm about it.  I will most definitely be back for that.

But they also have this other amazing sandwiches that I am dying to try such as Chicken Bacon Guac (yes to Guac), Korean Chicken Pineapple, and Chicken Carbonara, with of course salads and soups that look and sound amazing!

I think what I love about this coffee shop the most that really set it out against other coffee shops is the niche it has; it is different from the “aesthetic” vibe that coffee shops usually have (although, I do love vibey coffee shops) and go for something different. It really perfects the cool “rocker” vibe. I remember the first time I went to this place with my mom and I ordered the Cinnamon Girl and they were playing Nirvana in the background. That was certainly the moment, I knew I had found my place. To quote their slogan, their “Coffee [really does] Rock!”

If you are in the Springfield area or are planning to visit and have not yet discovered this gem of a coffee shop; I would strongly, strongly recommend to try this place. It is certainly the place to sit and sip a cappuccino while listening to The Rolling Stones or eating Avocado Toast while jamming to Heart. For us old souls that love to bask in the wonders that is classic rock music (because it is awesome), it is our haven. Promise you won’t be disappointed.

Classic Rock Coffee Co. is located on Kansas Expressway and Sunset St nearby Battlefield St (or the Battlefield Mall).

Classic Rock Coffee Co. Website: http://classicrockcoffee.com


See you on my next Springfield Bucket List venture…

Until Next Time…




Have you tried Classic Rock Coffee Co.? What do you think of them and what is your favorite drink? Or what are some awesome coffee shops in your area? Leave me a reply below :


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