5 Thoughts On Isaiah 43:1

Hello Lovely Souls!

I cannot believe that August is almost over! Like, September is next week and I am more than okay with this because that means that Fall is right around the corner and… yay, Fall! Honestly, I am so glad that this month is over because it really has been a challenging one emotionally. I mean…challenging; talking like at least 2 different breakdowns, being generally not in a good place and overall, just not happy. I am chalking it up to burn-out and stress, which of course is never good.

Most times I tend to allow physical items to keel over my stress, but I find time and time again that this never works. I wanted to do something different this time and really turn to God instead of like you know…tacos (although, tacos are amazing!) and really get down to the knitty-gritty of the problem. But I found this difficult for some reason, while I occasionally do my quiet time, I felt that I wasn’t doing enough; I wasn’t trying enough. But not two minutes later did I find this quote on Instagram that is “God does not want you to try harder, He wants you to trust Him deeper. Stop Trying. Start trusting. This will change everything, in you.”*

Talk about your mind being blown; I had always thought that when it comes to having a relationship with God; you solely had to try harder to be closer to Him and that is not it. I learned that I need to learn to Let Go and Let Him. This then brought me to one of my favorite verses which is Isaiah 43:1 :

“But now, this is what the Lord says — He who created you, Jacob, He who formed you, Israel: Do not fear, for I have redeemed you; I have summoned you by name; you are mine.”


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I love this verse so much that I wanted to offer another one of my 5 thoughts, so here we go:


1. God Created and Formed Us

When I sit and think of this notion, It really amazes me.  It reminds me of Psalm 139:13-16 also: “you created my innermost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb. I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made.” Knowing this reminds me of how  I was created and crafted by the Lord of Lords, King of Kings; He intertwined my features and my traits together to create me (and you). God thought that the world needed me and had a plan for me and this gives my heart all the warm fuzzies.

2. God’s Got You 

A lot of times when I am stressed or am worried and I feel like I am drowning; I hear God’s voice saying “I got you.” This brings such a smile to my face because when I need comfort the most, I hear that and I know that I don’t need to fear or I don’t need to worry, God’s got it under control. He is taking care of it and I am able to lean on Him. When you are struggling with whichever situation it may be, God tells you not to fear or worry, He’s got you and He will bring you through.

3. God has Redeemed Us

I forget about this at times; I forget about the beauty and the promise of redemption that God has given me. I honestly hate to say that I take advantage of that fact. I was 17 years old when I decided to give my life over to Christ and at that time, I was on fire for God, I mean, you name it: Church 3X a week, having a regular quiet time, etc.. But over the years, my relationship with God had become stagnant and I have found myself going back to sin and back to my former self; that is not what God has had in store for me.

He has redeemed and has broken me free of my chains, why am I running back? If you have given your life to Christ, you know of this amazing redemption and this amazing freedom; he chose you and wants you to be Him eternally and honestly that is one of the most amazing things about God’s promises. If you have not yet given your life to Christ and are wanting to know more, please leave me a reply below and I can give you more info!

4. God Chooses & Loves Us 

The last part of this verse just. gets. me. everytime. “I have summoned you by name; you are mine.” I got good chills just thinking about it, seriously. First of all, the fact that God has summoned me (and you) by name; that He knows us; He sought us out and chose us to be with Him eternally and to have a relationship with Him makes me honestly feel special.

Second, He chose me, I don’t think I am special; I mean I am not perfect nor do I feel there is anything really to me, but God sees something in me and calls me to be with Him and to serve Him. And the fact that the Creator of the Universe chose me (and you), makes me want to cry with happy tears. Have you ever felt down, like you’re not good enough, not worthy enough, not pretty enough, not perfect enough? Forget that! God sees you, He chose you by name and you are His. He loves you. You are amazing, special, beautiful, worthy, perfect, and more than good enough in His eyes!


5. God is Just Amazing 

I feel that this applies to any verse; but honestly, this is just another one to show that  God is amazing. He is powerful and never fails, the beginning the end; our Savior. I at times find it hard to wrap my mind around the wonder of God because it is too much for words. To me, God is right there fore me; He heals me, comforts me, loves me, guides me and frees me. I am who I am because of His amazingness and His Grace.


This verse is such an amazing verse and I always go to this one when I feeling down, worried, or stressed because it reminds me how much God loves me and how I am a chosen Daughter of God. I hope you guys enjoyed these thoughts and I would love to hear from you!

What are some of your thoughts on Isaiah 43:1? What is your favorite verse?

Leave me a reply down below!


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🌙 Isaiah 43:1 Verse : You Version Bible App; New International Version

🌙 *Instagram Quote : @lovejesus.quotes

🌙 Isaiah 43:1 Image : Tumblr.com 



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