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Hello Amazing Souls!!

I can’t believe it is September, but I am so happy because that means we are one step closer getting to Fall! I know, I know what you are thinking… ” it’s still 80 degrees outside… it’s not Fall” Same. It was 85 degrees I last checked today…

But I love September since it is that bridge between the end of summer and the beginning of Fall; it’s a means of transition. During this time, I love to take a few steps (I guess more than I already do) to really prep for the months to come, especially for Fall. And being the OCD personality that I am; I thought September would be the perfect month to do some organizing and really get my shit together. It gets me into that calm vibe heading into a new season. Think of the Fall Version of Spring Cleaning.

Therefore, I am strapping down and am going HAM with some organizing and planning this month and I’m bringing you along with me! And if you are a soul that lives for organizing and planning and you follow your bullet journal religiously or if you have been wanting to do some serious deep organizing and need a little bit of inspo, come along with me!

Thus kicks off my new September series: Organize With Me,  I am going to be giving you all of my tips and tricks of how I organize various parts of my life each week. And for this week, I am starting with the basics, which is getting organized in general. Like an overall organization of how I organize my planner, calendar, and overall life.

Here We Go:

If I would breakdown my overall organization process, I would say that I break it down in 3 different sections or methods : Outlook Calendar (for the planner), Monthly Wall Calendar (for regular calendar) and Evernote (for overall life planning /organization).



You name it, I’ve tried it… I have tried every organizational tool or planner possible under the sun. I’ve done a cheap Dollar Store planner, a little more expensive Lilly Pulitzer Planner, a expensive Bullet Journal, Planner apps (oooh, so many planner apps) and an online calendar. And the winner for me is the online calendar, specifically my Outlook account calendar. I know this may not be a fancy answer or anything “special,” but for me and for my busy schedule, this to me is gold. To me it is just easier to get online, where all of my settings are already saved and there and I really don’t have to get out a physical calendar and get all my colored pens (because yes, I color-coordinate like a psycho) and I almost always forget them anyway. Oh, and bullet journals…forget em… I am too much of a perfectionist and too much on my plate to make a good bullet journal… perhaps in another life..

Anyway, first of all, I establish different calendars for various aspects and yes, they are color-coordinated. Here is a bit of what each means:

I have a calendar for just personal, my Bass Pro work schedule, my McDonald’s work schedule, any events going on for the month, any items related the blog, organizing and cleaning, etc. This helps me to have a designated event on the calendar for different things and also, I love that I can just click on one of the calendars to only see that particular calendar or all to see all the calendars at once. Also, my online calendar syncs to my phone so there’s that blessing for on-the-go…

Just to name a few… If you have Outlook (or even Google Calendar or even ICalendar), I strongly recommend to do this it helps to see different aspects. Or even if you have a regular physical calendar, you can just color-coordinate each aspect.


As far as how I update my planner, I do it monthly and weekly; At either the end of the month for the next month (such as I organized September the last week of August) or the beginning of the month, I gather all of my stuff (for lack of better word); everything I know going down for the new month and plan it out.

Then I each week I will update my planner and events day by day; you can get as fancy and as creative as you would like to as far as how often you want to update and when, I find that this helps me.

Outlook Monthly View :


Outlook Weekly View:

weekly view.PNG


2. Monthly Wall Calendar 

I am a visual person, I have to see something in front of me to process it; this is the case with having a Monthly Wall Calendar; this is for the times that I don’t have time to access my online planner and need a quick glance; I will keep a calendar by my desk handy, just to quickly look at my month and see what is planned. If you are a visual person like me and need to actually see your events or your month, I strongly recommend getting one of these :

Image result for september wall calendars

3. Evernote 

I am going to shout this from the rooftops that Evernote has changed my life! I love love love Evernote! It is amazing! I use Evernote for almost anything! If you have not heard of Evernote, it is a note-taking app that is similar to Microsoft’s One Note or Google Keep or I’ve also heard of Ulysses that allows you to make not only “typing notes,” but audio notes, templates, etc. I do think that there is a premium version that you can purchase, but you can do so much with the free version too! You can access it online and can download a desktop and mobile app, so I can update online and sync it to the app on my phone to access my files.

I use Evernote to organize my life; if that makes sense. I organize my self-care items (such as meal plan, my current night and morning routines, yoga plan, etc.); budget, cleaning and organizing items, projects, the blog, among others. I love that with Evernote I am able to make several Notebooks to organize each Note that goes into them; Here’s an example :



And then, in each notebook, I organize my plans, like for example in my Self-Care Notebook, I have yoga plan, my stress plan, and routines :




I love Evernote and if you are looking for a medium to organize your plans, budgets, projects, what have-you, try it out! Promise you’ll love it!


Looking at all of this, I feel like I organize waaaay too much, but anyway… thank you so much guys for Organizing With Me! I hope that these tips will help you and I wish you a Happy September!

See you on the Next Organize With Me!!




I would love to hear from you! What do you think about my new September Organizing Series? What would you like to see me organize next? What are some of your ways that you organize!

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