Organize With Me: How to Start a Morning Routine / My Fall Morning Routine

I caved…

I did it, I bought some Fall stuff… like I don’t know what happened, but I went to the store and came across these adorable Halloween coffee cups and I was like, okay, yeah I have to get those before they’re all gone, but then one thing led to another and I ended up getting fall decoration leaves, fall candles, and a fall plaque… I couldn’t help myself… 

Hey Souls!

Welcome back to the blog! We are up on that Post 5 for the Organize With Me series and brace yourself… this week’s gonna be fun! 

This week, I’m organizing my favorite thing to organize, which of course is Morning Routines! I looove to make morning routines, a little way too much, actually. As in I think I change my morning routine too often to be honest. But, souls, I gotta confession: while I love to make and plan out routines, I am soooo bad at following them; like when I just had only one job, I just could not get myself to wake up early. Now that I work two jobs, I tend to favor sleeping in over getting up early to meditate, do yoga, or even making coffee. 

However, I have decided to buckle down and get morning routine under control and re-re-re-organize it, just in time for Fall! 

The thing about morning routines is that while you don’t have to get crazy with them (unless you want to, then do yo’ thing girl!), but just having a little slice of time when you wake up to get a cuppa coffee, workout, meditate, do some yoga, do some reading (even better some scripture reading) or whichever tickles your fancy helps to really align your day and make your day somewhat better. This is why I so love morning routines. 

Want to start a morning routine or need some inspo to revamp your morning routine? Then read on sister! 

How to Start a Morning Routine

1. Determine Your Wake Time

So, to start your morning routine, first figure out what time to actually start your morning routine. A good rule of thumb that I like to do is about 30 minutes to an hour before you either leave for work, start your work, or start your day. But you can also start at any time you would like. 

For me, most of my days start at noon. I leave for my first job about 12:30 pm, so I try (key word, try, here) to wake up at 12:00 pm to get some coffee, do a little yoga / meditation and get ready for work.

You also want to factor getting enough sleep as well (usually between 6-8 hours) to determine what time to wake up, but I’ll touch on that later…perhaps in another post coming soon….

2. Make an Activities List

Okay, you got what time to start your morning routine, but now, what do you want it to consist of? Do you want to get a workout in? Do some meditation? Have a Quiet Time? The possibilities are endless.

So, one time when I was making my last morning routine, I got a piece of paper and wrote down in list form of thing activities that I absolutely needed in my morning routine such as yoga, meditation and quiet time. I then worked out from there how I wanted it to go.

Thus, I would encourage you do the same, get a piece of paper or a note on your phone and make a list of you want for your morning routine and build from there. 

3. Find Shortcuts

Shortcuts are my best friend, I love to try and find a way to work around something that could be easier or take less time. As far as a morning routine one of my favorite shortcuts is setting out clothes, purse/bag, and/or making a lunch the night before. This helps my morning routine so much as I spend more time getting my mind set for the day and less time stressing about where my things are (which is a recurring senario in my world…). 

Now, it may be a bit hard to find shortcuts for your morning routine if you don’t do one often, so here is a few suggestions : 

  1. Setting out an outfit the night before 
  2. Making a lunch the night before or weekly meal prepping
  3. Set coffee cup by my machine so all you have to hit the button 
  4. Roll out a yoga mat so all you have to do is do your flow
  5. Sleep in your workout gear for your morning workout

4. Watch a Morning Routine on YouTube

YouTube is such a wonderful source, like I go to YouTube for almost anything inspirational or how-to. There are countless Morning Routine videos on there. I really like a visual so I watch other’s morning routines on YouTube to help me with some inspiration.

Personally, one of my favorite YouTubers is Kayln Nicholson and I really love her morning routines, but there are many great other ones on there too. So, if you need a little inspo or inspiration to even get started on one (like me), YouTube is awesome! 

5. Do Some Trial & Error

When creating a new morning routine, I like to test the waters with it; as in I like to try it out and see how I like it and if I don’t, I can tweak it. No morning routine is the same and it is always variable, meaning that you can change and adjust it in any way and at any time. 

So, after you create your morning routine, try it out for a few days and reflect on it (you can write down your thoughts if you would like) and see what works for you and what doesn’t, this can help tremdeously by helping you create the morning routine that works for your schedule and that you love. 

My 2019 Fall Morning Routine

Currently, my morning routines are a bit weird, I have two different sets; one for the days that I have to get up at noon to be at my first job of Bass Pro: S1 and the second for when I have the day off from BP (which I get to sleep in…yasss…) : S2. Here’s the examples :

  • MORNING ROUTINE S1 (11:45 – 12:30 PM) 
    • 12:20  GATHER STUFF 
    • 12:30 LEAVE FOR WORK
  • MORNING ROUTINE S2 (2:00 – 4:30 PM) 
    • 3:30 – 4:30 PM  “BRKFST” / EMAILS / WEEKLY ORGANIZE / ETC

Bonus: My MR Activity Ideas List

  1. Meditation 
  2. Yoga
  3. Coffee (coffee is always a great idea) 
  4. Quiet Time 
  5. Morning Pages (or writing in general? Idk…) 
  6. Reading Inspirational Books
  7. Go for a Walk / Workout 
  8. Mini Organize (a quick organize session) 
  9. Make your bed 
  10. Check Goals, Emails 
  11. Gratitude Journal 
  12. Daily Reflection 
  13. Morning Playlist 
  14. Daily Affirmations 

Omg, I’ve had so much fun putting together this morning routine and sharing some of my tips with you, now, I just need to actually do my morning routine…yeah…wish me luck…

Anyway, I hope you guys liked this weeks tips on starting a morning routine of your own and/or revamping your old routine; please let me know what you thought of this post! I would love to hear from you! 

Do you like these tips? What is your favorite thing about waking up the morning? What are some of your tips for a morning routine? Leave me a reply below! 

I’ll see you guys on my next organizing venture (P.S. Since this is a Morning Routine post, I’m sure you guys can guess the next one…hahahahaha) 

Until next time… 


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