eclec· tic | \ i-ˈklek-tik  , e-\

1composed of elements drawn from various sources also HETEROGENEOUS

2selecting what appears to be best in various doctrines, methods, or styles


Eclectic is such a random word, but I adore this word because I feel this is one of the perfect words to describe a person. I am certainly an eclectic, I cannot pin-point one specific thing to label me as; I am and love a variety of different things. For example, I am a lover, a dreamer, an artist, an empath on a serious spiritual path; I love writing, reading, watching old movies, listening to old music, road trips, yoga, blogging, all to name a few. I am many in one.

My name is Dev and I am 28 years old and I am considered one of those sensitive souls. I tend to have a strong spiritual side, as I love to dig in deep into my soul to understand thoughts, feelings, and dreams to further connect with God, I begin this journey at 17 years old, to which I received my salvation, but wanted to find more than just traditional methods of connecting with Him, such as with yoga, meditation, and others. I wanted to experience life and live it fully and soulfully. I thus began to then to connect more with nature, began a yogic practice, collected essential oils, and you get the idea…

And for many years, I had this idea in the back of my head that had grew and grew, which was to start a blog to share life experiences, however, the trouble was always, “okay, what do I actually write about.” I had struggled with too many ideas, too many subjects for a blog that I attempted and failed, hardcore. (1. Book Blog, 2. An Adulting Blog, 3. A Yogi Blog, etc.). I could not, for the life of me, find one specific blog to do this. Thus, The Eclectic Soul was born, a place where you can consider a lifestyle blog to be a journey through many realms of various ideas and thoughts to nourish the soul. Here is where you find books to be read, movies to enjoy, yoga to form, essential oils to diffuse, God to praise, music to jam to and much, much more. All with that soulful touch; all about what makes your soul feel good.

Life is one big journey, come along the ride with me and welcome!!




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